Matt Little

Matt Little is a Tennis Performance Expert with over 20 years of experience - one of the world leaders in his specific profession.

He spent 5 years in a National Junior Academy, working with Britain’s best 12-16 year olds, winning the Junior World Cup. He then moved to the National Tennis Centre for the next 8 years, working with their best senior players and leading the team of national S&C coaches in British Tennis. During this time he helped Jamie Murray win his first grand slam title in the Mixed Doubles at Wimbledon and also he was part of the support staff for the GB Davis Cup team who, over the course of 5 years, went from almost being relegated out of world tennis, to winning the Davis Cup in November 2015.

In 2007, Matt began working with Andy Murray and alongside Matt's colleagues, helped him to become the world number one in tennis, winning 2 Olympic Gold Medals, 2 Wimbledon titles, 1 US Open title amongst numerous other accolades and trophies. He still works with Andy to this day.



Peak Tennis Performance

Matt's mission is to change the way that tennis players train both on and off the court to reflect the demands of the modern game of tennis. For far too long, old and traditional methods have been used without taking a truly integrated, inter-disciplinary approach.

He knows perfectly well that most tennis platers never maximise their level of performance on the court. Also many of them may not trust the source of their current information...

Matt has combined years of education and experience to create this performance program that gives tennis players and their parents world leading expertise at their fingertips - setting out exactly what they must do to take them through the levels of off court preparation that they need. Starting with a simple movement screening and a discussion about their goals, Matt will set them on their way to higher levels of performance and achieve their dreams of being the best tennis player they could be.



Matt's Story

"I fell in love with tennis in my early teens. This was in reality, too late to start playing and to become a pro player and never achieved a playing level close to that required of a pro, but I also loved training for tennis, so I knew from a very young age, exactly the job I wanted to do….to become a strength and conditioning coach to the best players in the world.

I immediately set about gaining the right qualifications and putting myself in the right situations to watch the best in the UK train. After a few years, I hit a ceiling where I was not improving fast enough, so I decided to leave and find the best coaches and players in the world. I quit my job, and a few weeks later, armed with only a few hundred dollars and a credit card, I travelled to Australia. I spent a year, working in gyms, bars and restaurants at night, for cash and during the day travelling to institutes of sport and state tennis centers to learn my craft. It was taking this leap of faith that set my career up for life. In Australia, I met a coach, who came to the UK to work in the National Junior Academy. He helped me to get a job when I returned and the rest is history!"

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Matt Little